A mix of entertainment and social interaction


“Thirteen” is a brand where horror entertainment and social interaction are combined. They are able to watch movies, check their heart rate when they get scared, become their favorite horror character, scare their friends, and so on...


The brand relates to the unlucky number 13. It features this number in Roman letters, in numerals and as a murder weapon: a knife.

It got its own custom made typeface based which has an easy-to-read look. You can even find the knife, as well as the number 13: all angles are tilted at a 13 degree angle.

The brand uses three specific colors: red, black and white. The red color represents the blood we see in a horror movie; the black color represents the cinematic feel of a movie; the white color represents the chills we get from a horror movie.

Movies are rated into three categories: gore, suspense and realism.

Users can use a Snapchat QR-code to create their own unique set of movie or series posters. By gaining likes, they become the star. The advertisements feature the movie or series title, 3 actors, the director, the writer (or the creator) along with his username, location and snapcode.