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CHARP is an upcoming company that produces digital solutions for the building sector. In a team of 4, we gave Charp a look. My job was to make a commercial website as well as an easy-to-use user platform.


The building sector accounts for 40% of total final energy use and 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In the EU, this amounts to +5000TWh energy use, about 3 bn tons emitted CO2, and +€600bn spent, each year. Policy makers therefore impose increasingly strict demands on energy efficiency of buildings. Today, buildings are rated in design phase: building plans and specifications determine the performance category. But a building’s design merely indicates an ambition. Studies show that their design and actual energy performance can differ significantly. Causes for such differences are not easily diagnosed. The building sector lacks actionable feedback. Applying state-of-the-art, robust algorithms to analyse building performance data collected on site, CHARP assesses in detail the actual energy performance of your building. CHARP offers optimised tools for testing and collecting performance data on vacant and in-use buildings.