Bringing the neighbourhood together.


Personalized content

Bubbl is an interactive, communicative and informative system for the local inhabitants in Muide (Ghent). The system can find personalized content or can ask for your opinion about events or future plans. It would initially be publicly available on a big touch screen in the centre of the neighborhood, as well as in their own home, on their own computer or smartphone.


What do the locals think?

I worked together with a local inhabitant of the Muide in Ghent. He told me there is no clear communication from neighborhood to inhabitant and from inhabitant to neighborhood. Together we made a system to make the information more structured and personalized. We designed an interactive 'website' that initially would be publicly available on a big touch screen in the centre of the neighborhood. The system looks for personalized content, asks for your opinion about certain events or future plans for the neighborhood. Every week we worked together to test out new ideas. Curious inhabitants thought it was a very interesting project!


Bubbl is communicative

'Bubbl', as in 'bubble', is an organic shape which refers to flexibility; this is the personalised part of the project. Besides that, the name also refers to a speechbubble which is used in comics and cartoons to make the communication visible.

Let's create something wonderful!

Feel free to contact me via hello@nielsdepoorter.be.